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Yosemite for Mac Kills Epson Stylus NX420 Printer… and Presumably More

 Categories: Mac Stuff

While fiddling in the App Store on my Mac (never even knew this existed till recently) I noticed that Mac OS X “Yosemite” was available for free. Why not upgrade, right?

Well, I should have remembered the last OS upgrade Maverick and how much of a hassle that was. Oops. So what was meant to be a quick update turned out taking an hour and afterwards, my Epson printer stopped working. Crap!

I would print something but it would just get stuck in the printer queue. Pausing/resuming it did nothing; deleting and retrying also nothing. Turning off the printer, nope. Restarting my computer was also useless.

A quick search on Google led to the following solution:

  1. Open App Store on your Mac
  2. Check for Updates
  3. You should see an update from Epson, install it.
  4. Once done, you’ll need to restart your computer for it to work.
  5. Print, you should be good to go.

Oh ya, another annoying thing about Yosemite is that my computer seems to be running slowly, restart takes forever (like 4 minutes!) and all of my Adobe CS5 software wouldn’t load till after I installed some Java Runtime dealio. Ah, the agony.

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