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How to Automatically Import WordPress Blog to Facebook Page

This 3 minute video tutorial shows you how to connect a WordPress blog to your Facebook Page.  All blog posts will be automatically imported to your Facebook Page Wall.

This video demonstrates automatically importing WordPress to your Facebook Page, the same principles apply for automatically posting to your personal Faceebook Wall, as well as automatically posting from other blogging platforms such as Blogger, Blogspot, Moveable Type, TypePad, Open Diary, Live Journal, Xanga, Dead Journal, MySpace, Tumblr and other blogging websites.

Update: Following the steps in this video tutorial will link each post on your Facebook Wall to the Notes section of your Facebook account.  Admittedly, this is not ideal.  The ideal solution would link to the actual post on your blog.  To accomplish this and link each post back to the originating blog, I recommend using the Wordbooker plugin for WordPress.

Video Transcript:

How to Automatically Import WordPress Blog to Facebook Page

A really neat feature of Facebook allows you to import your blog directly onto your Facebook wall. This is a great way to save yourself all the effort of having to do that manually and plus being able to take advantage of Facebook and the huge user base that they have. So I’m gonna show you how to do that in this video tutorial.

And a couple of things we need to clarify. First off, is typically when you log in to Facebook you log in as yourself, and then this tutorial is showing you how to do that for a Facebook page not your Facebook personal account. So one of the neat things Facebook has recently added is your ability to browse Facebook as a page. So you click on this thing and then we’ll just go to one of these pages that I manage. Right here, you just click switch. And now I am essentially browsing Facebook as this page, Yoga.

So the next thing is the Notes application, you have to use the Notes application in order to import your blog feed. So first you find out if we have the Notes application installed. You add it, you go to apps, and when you see it right here, Notes, click edit settings and in this case it is available which means I haven’t added it yet so I click add. It’s now been added. We also wanna check the additional permissions and make sure that this box is checked because it will import your blog feed to your Notes and then publish it to your Wall. So click okay to save that.

Go back to our page and now you’ll see Notes is down here. So you think you could just click on Notes and there will be some link around here that says import my blog feed but it doesn’t, you actually have to go in search for Notes, it is really obscure and then you will see down here on the left, edit import settings, click that. It will bring you to this page where you can import a blog and so what you do is you like to get the blog feed, the full URL and copy and paste it right here and then that’s how you tell Facebook to import a blog.

So here’s my blog. And then I have the blog feed which for WordPress is just the word “feed” after wherever your blog is installed. And in my case, this brings up this Google reader but this is what we are looking for, this URL, so you just copy that, go back here, paste it. Be sure you mark that check box and then click start importing. It usually takes maybe about 20 or 30 seconds. What it’s doing is verifying that blog feed as a valid feed and then it’s starting to do the import. So let’s wait while it’s loading. And once Facebook has connected to your blog feed you will see all your recent blog post showing here on your Wall.

So that’s how you do it. Be sure when you’re done you don’t forget to switch back to your user so you can go back to browsing Facebook as yourself and not your page.

  1. Joseph Galey on 2/17/2011 at 09:55

    i already imported my wp blogs content to Facebook Using Wp-plurk plugin you can also distribute the content link (just only title) into Plurk, and from here redistribute to Facebook, Twitter, MP, and Tumblr. My Blog also installed mobile wp plugins, with this plugin.

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